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Welcome to JGIS

The school is the symbol of quality education and holistic all round development since its inception in 2011. The charming picturesque surrounding provides the perfect atmosphere for the young minds to blo
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Life @ JGIS

Environmental Conservation

We at JGIS School place great emphasis on saving our environment for generations to come.Taking our small green step towards the global goal of environmental conservation.We go beyond merely discussing environmental issues with the students in actually involving them in the implementation of conversational measures that make JGIS as a Green School. Our efforts for conserving the environment have been duly acknowledged and we hope that our next step is a better step towards a greener world...

House System

JGIS School has a well-organized House System for instilling a spirit of healthy competition among students. The students are divided into four houses, which have been named Achal,Amar,Narayan and Prem. All students of the school are encouraged to take part in regular inter-house competitions.The house activities are not just limited to sports but range from academic activities such as quizzes and spell bees, to art, dance and drama.There is also a Student Council for promoting leadership among students.They are groomed to be good planners, positive in attitude, grounded in teamwork, inspiring, innovative and creative.The House System is carefully managed so that its objective of inculcating a healthy competitive spirit among students is effectively met.


JGIS School follows the student-centered CCE system set by the CBSE. The CCE system encourages individual-based learning with the help of modern teaching aids and methodologies, refraining from any negative attitude towards the child’s performance.Following the CCE system, JGIS has formative assessments throughout the year along with a summative one at the end of each term.Hence, the regularity of the attendance and the class work are important.By acknowledging and encouraging specific abilities of every child, the school attempts to reduce stress in a student’s life.Education thus becomes a one-to-one dialogue with the student as the core of the teaching-learning process– their interests and aptitude occupying centre-stage.

A Day at JGIS School

A school day of JGIS begins with a prayer where the Lord is thanked for the wonderful world around us. Activity in the classroom starts with the crackling of freshly arrived newspapers students are expected to read and discuss what is going on around the world.The monotony of everyday routine is broken by various cultural and sports inter-house and inter-class activities.Students are also encouraged to take part in various inter-school competitions from time to time. Other schools are also invited to participate in activities organized at JGIS on a regular basis as well.There is a wide range of programmes to engage and develop the students into well-groomed individuals.These include, Speech & Drama classes , Sports programmes as well as various Educational initiatives.

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