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Practical Learning

A Scientific Method to teach/Learn Batter

XSEED is a comprehensive academic solution taht is designed to raise the level of learning in classrooms and build confidence in children. XSEED follows the proven Five-step Experiential Learning method where concepts are taught through hands-on experimentation followed by analysis by students. questioning,application and feedback.this replace the one-step'telling'and memorization followed in many traditional classrooms.therefore, student in XSEED classroom grasp core concepts better,communicate fluently in english,and perform better in reasoning and application based tests. at home,XSEED children take more interest in studies and work independently on home assignments. XSEED parents also get a model Teaching Video pack(real classrooms videos)for home teaching.
ovearall,parents see that their children are ready with skills required for higher studies and careers.
                           Aim      :Teacher and students are clear about the learning of the topic at the start of the class.
                           Activity :Students experience the concept themselves to understand the real-life application
                           Analysis ;Student reflect on the experience and explore the concept further through questions and answers.
                           Application :Students use workbooks to prectice what they learnt and improve writing skills.
                           Assessment  :Skill-based application oriented periodical tests for students.
JGIS is the 4th school in MPand first in Mahakaushal region has adapted XSEED.Within few years it is being conducted
successfully in JGIS has started showing its grate results in the from of all round development in the students.Even
the weaker student also resulting grate which our first moto.this system is adapted by many major famous school in
india,like Doon school Dehradoon.Bombay Scottish,Mumbai etc.and abroad like al en junior school UAE etc.its grate 
achievement for Chhindwara city that are having one school equiped with XSEED education system,which no one even
get in many major cities in india.   
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