Principal Desk

Jai Gurudev Interntional School-The very name evokes the grandeur and gravity of respected Guruji Narayan Das JI Udaseen qualities which seem imbued in this institution founded in his name by present Guruji Arjan Das Ji Udaseen. The values and ideals they represented have been cultivated and nurtured by the vidhyalaya ,giving it continuity and longevity.

Inspired by this sense of history, we have dedicated and named sections of our vidhyalaya to commemorate the tenures of our founder Principal Mrs. Rashmi Bhargav and founder committee members if the vidhyalaya family. Their invaluable contribution in propelling the vidhyalaya to greater heights, so named to reaffirm their tireless efforts to future generations. Their names are not merely words but represents the strength of the vidhyalaya family which gives new dimensions to past, present and future students.

When the flippant comment “what ‘s in a name” is, made my mind refuses to accede to the implied insignificance of a name. To me, a name, is the unique identity and hallmark of an individual.  In fact, so many schools, colleges, institution, streets are named after individuals precisely to constantly remind us of those who have contributed to the world in their own unique and impactful ways.

Hence, the simple idea of getting a child to live up to the name of itself and family, of the school and country, is really. The cornerstone in the journey towards self-discovery, and the larger journey of the individual as a meaningful part of the macrocosm of the universe.

We constantly strive to ensure that our programs and setting provide outstanding opportunities for intellectuals and personal growth of students, faculty  and staff. We also try to inculcate civic sense, self-discipline, mutual  respect and tolerance in them.

Mrs. H.K. Singh