1.  Parents should see that their children do not remain absent except under unavoidable circumstances as it hampers the progress of the pupil.

2.The student should be in the school premises before the school starts. If late, the student shall be sent home at the parent's risk.

3.Parents must seek prior permission from the principal before going on leave for more than 2 days.

        In case of absence for a day or two, the child must have the reason of absence entered and signed  by the parent/guardian in the leave record of the diary.


1.School hours are specified by the school authorities from time to time.

2.Student are strictly forbidden from leaving the school premises during school hours without the permission of the principal.

3.Students are not allowed to wear any ornaments, watches are bring any valuable articles to school The school will not be responsible for the loss of any such articles brought by the students.

4.Personal hygiene and cleanliness is expected of all students. Children must come in full uniform  everyday.

Assessment (Pre-Primary):

1.There will be continuous assessment all round the year.

2.Promotions shall entirely depend on the student's performance in the class.

3.The child not subjected to any formal examination.


1.Parents are allowed to meet the class teachers only on the PTM.

2.Parents can meet the Principal by prior appointment only.

3.The school diary is to be checked every day by the parents.