Art Zone:

For student living in a rapidly changing world. 

The art teaches vital modes of science: imagining, 

incestigating and thinkung.It gives student to express 

his/her feeling by several way. It may be drawung, 

painting, kraft work, rangoli making or some other. 

Arts and Crafts Defined

Although arts and crafts often fit together, they are different processes, according to art therapist Anna Reyner, writing for the Earlychildhood News website. Art involves unstructured activities in which you can explore with your imagination, whereas crafts involve structured activities with a specific goal in mind.

Imagination and Self-Expression

When children participate in both arts and crafts, creativity and imagination receive strong stimulation, states the Americans for the Arts website. A child with a paintbrush in his hand suddenly has the ability to create vivid paintings and express himself boldly with color and brush strokes. The youngster can also learn about symbolic communication through the art he creates, choosing various colors to communicate feelings.